JP Day

Exactly 1.300 days after our first kiss, J posed THE question in a teeny tiny café in the middle of Saigon. No, he did not time the date and No, I did not see it coming but Yes, I am very glad he did.

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One hundred and sixty one days later, on our 4th anniversary, we said Yes to each other in a very private ceremony in Copenhagen City Hall (almost the only one City Hall that allowed us to choose the Date of our wish). It was a beautifully cloudless and sunny day (we seem to be very lucky with the weather) and it were just the two of us. We are very glad we took that time for ourselves to be with and only with each other, to reminisce about our eventful past, enjoy the blissful presence and picture our awaiting future together. Cause little did we know about how "complicated" planning a cross-cultural wedding would be..



One year later, we said Yes to each other, again, in front of our families and loved ones in a joyfully touching ceremony. Though Copenhagen was special, JP Day was a dream come true and finally made our marriage "feel" real (I honestly didn't feel married till this day). We were delightedly surprised by what was planned out by our dearest friends, shared their laughter and even shed some happy tears. It meant the world to us to have all of you as our witnesses, to finally say our vows to each other and receive all your heartfelt wishes in person. 

We are wholeheartedly thankful to our families and friends who had travelled great length to be with us (some crossed the Atlantic, others the Indian Ocean, two the Baltic Sea), friends who helped us out before-during-and-after the ceremony, friends who put so much time and thoughts into their gifts and surprised us with the most beautiful speeches and ceremony we know. We couldn't have wished for a more memorable day. These are the memories we will always cherish in our hearts (weeks after JP Day, while writing this, we're still on Cloud No. 9 😉 ).

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  1. What a beautiful fairytale-like happening your wedding was! One could not ask for more! I’m very happy you two found each other, and we are wishing you an exciting, sometimes adventurous, happy but definitely overwhelming family live in the future! There may be up and downs, but always keep the faith in each other, and you will manage everything together. Looking forward to the next foto-stories of your family live to come! Happily ever after, yours, the Gaßmann Family

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