The Proposal


As the sound of “Hallelujah” was playing, she was laying comfortably in his arms, him huming to her ears. Then began “Diamonds in the sky”..
Him (excited, having secretly “prepared” for half a year, whispered into her ear): Will you marry me?
(then opened one of his hand and showed her THE ring in it)
Her (totally surprised, turned to face him, then turned back to the stage, embarrassed, kept on pretending to be listening to the live performance on going, then after 5 long minutes, turned to him): Would you ask again?
Him (smiling): Will you marry me?
Her: No (smiling)
Him (totally confused)
Her (leaned against his chest and whispered into his ear, teasing): but I will make you my man.

They kissed (both smiling and full of joice). He put the ring on her finger. It was then when she saw it for the first time. The rest is history.

I shared that story awhile ago with my facebook friends and till this day, it still puts a smile on my face. I simply didn’t see it coming. It was end of March last year and I’d actually guessed, if anything, he would wait until our fourth anniversary in Sept ;-). Well, he never fails to surprise me. Looking back, I really should have seen “the signs”, especially on that very evening as he seemed quite “excited” (if that’s the right word to describe it..), but I’m really glad I didn’t. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.